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Upper Level Ceramics

I taught myself how to convert laser printers to work as decal printers.

I began immediately to share that information with other potters, who like me, couldn't afford the systems that were available on-line.

After helping people in the USA, Great Britain, and Australia.

While doing this I established a very good on-line friendship with my decal-making materials supplier who I still rely on for bottom line advice when all else fails.

After many years I helped a ceramic artist who lives in New Mexico, USA.  We zoomed together almost every day for well over a year and together we formed an on-line business that supplies converted printers and decal-making materials to others at a very reasonable price.  

We think we offer the most reasonable prices, as well as the best quality, personalized, unlimited service anywhere in North America .

We also will produce decals for other ceramic artists using their artwork and designs.

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