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Kilns for Sale

Both Kilns have been SOLD!

Thank You !!!

Shimpo ConeArt 

All elements, relays and thermocouples were replaced in December 2022.

Asking price $2190 No HST.

Price for new BX2327D

(as of Sept 27, 2023)

$5,775 plus $750.75 HST


The Cone Art Kiln model BX2327D is the most popular Canadian-made kiln produced!

The large 7 cubic foot capacity makes it an ideal kiln for the busy home studio. Double wall construction results in energy efficiency, and our standard element in the floor helps to ensure even firings every time. 

  • 7 Cubic feet

  • Double wall construction

  • Kanthal A-1 Elements

  • 240 Volts (60 Amp breaker required)

  • Sectional design

  • Multiple zone Bartlett controller

There are three heavy-duty Kanthal A-1 elements in the walls and floor.  Each of the three element zones has its own Thermocouple. This makes firing to cone 10 a breeze.

This kiln is equipped with the standard V6-CF Bartlett electronic controller with multiple zone control panel mounted on an angle for easy viewing of the keypad.

An offer on the Paragon kiln has been accepted and will close on October 7.

Paragon TNF1316

This kiln has rarely been fired above Cone 04

It still has the original elements and relays and thermocouples.  It was purchased 

Asking price is $1350 Canadian No HST

Price for new TNF1316 

as of Sept 24, 2023

$2,070.20 US ... $2793 CAD plus $3363.09 HST

Plus Shipping and Brokerage fees

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