Custom Decals


Alpine Clayworks Studio has a laser printer-based image transfer system that produces coloured ceramic decals.  Alpine Clayworks also produces sepia-toned decals.

All custom decals are produced in house, using your artwork and made to your specifications.

These decals can be permanently fired onto ceramic, glass and enamel objects.
The cover coat is non-toxic at all stages because it is made from cinnamon tree bark essential oil,
Unlike most cover coats, it is petrochemical-free!


If you want a decal printer to print your own coloured decals click here.

Email us your design and we will make the ceramic decals on a A4 Paper Size. (8.25x11.75). 


Each decal sheet is comprised of image(s) printed on thin waterslide paper and a covering heat pressed un-fluxed (non-glossy and food safe) lamination layer.


Price is per duplicate sheet.

Application instructions are included.

Price per sheet:
A4 sized sheets of decals
(21 cm x 29.7 cm)
Coloured (coloured ceramic toners)
1-4  sheets $20
5-15 sheets $16
16+  sheets $12.50

​Sepia (black iron oxide toner)
1-4  sheets $15
5-15 sheets $13
16+  sheets $10.50

A5 sized sheet of decals
(14.8 cm x 21 cm)
$15 Coloured
$10 Sepia (black toner with iron)

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