​Curbside KILN FIRING Service

Available During COVID-19

Hello Potters,

I will be happy to fire your pots.  I fire greenware and glaze ware.  I do ask that you remind me each time what cone you want your ware fired to and mark your boxes with a name and a note.

I also ask that you let me know when you are planning to drop off and pick up your boxes.

During COVID, the protocol is the usual curb side drop off and pickup, similar to the libraries’ practices.  During the winter I have a tent between the studio and the back door of the house where people can leave their boxes of ware on shelves and a table.  I generally leave them untouched for 48 hours at least.  The same is true for warm seasons when I am able to take down the tent and able to offer use of the shed at the back of the property in the same manner.

My fee varies slightly according to the amount of pots and the ability to combine your ware with other people’s who want to fire theirs to the same cone temperature.

I normally charge $60 for full 7 cubic foot kiln (I have two such kilns).
I sometimes charge  $65 for a full kiln if fitting in all the pieces requires extra sorting and repacking to make them all fit, (generally if I spend more than 1/2 hour loading the kiln).

I charge $50 for a not quite full kiln, but otherwise $20 per shelf when I can arrange to have more than one person’s ware fill a kiln.

I also charge $40 for firing in my 2 1/2 cu foot kiln, when using it makes sense due to time constraints or other circumstances.  Generally speaking, I use the 2-1/2 cu foot kiln for firing lustreware and ceramics with decals.  The fee for that is also $40 per firing.

Except for the winter months I like to restrict my firing to weekends.
But am always willing to try to accommodate urgent schedules for sales and other circumstances.

I hope to hear from you soon.


© 2021 by Arthur Petch

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