Client 'Curbside' Drop-Off and Pick-Up 

Alpine Clayworks fires green ware and glaze ware.  

Now that the warm weather is here the place drop off your work for firing is the storage shed. You can do this at any time but please let me know by email or text that you have done so.

Please mark your boxes
Try to put a page with each box that includes: 
  1. your name
  2. drop-off date
  3. cone firing temperature,
  4. contents of box 
  5. other instructions or comment.

Most times things are fired within 24 to 48 hours.

Firing usually occurs overnight and the cooled pieces are put on the storage shelves two days later when cool enough to handle.

Firing Fees for both glaze and bisque  firing is:

  • $80 for glaze firing full load - large 7 cu ft

  • $70 for bisque firing full load - large 7 cu ft

  • kilns (24" dia. x 27 in" high)

  • $30 per large kiln shelf plus $5 sharing fee.

  • $50 for all that can fit into the 1.75 cu ft Paragon 1613 (16" dia. and 13" high).

  •  an additional charge (normally $5)

    1. IF there are so many small items that require more than 30 minutes to load

    2. IF the glaze is runny or applied to close to the bottom and causes damage requiring repair to kiln wash surface or kiln shelf. 


Test Firing and Decal Firing is done in a small 1.75 cu. ft. kiln.

Normal Decal Firing fee is $30.

Custom Decals can be supplied if you provide graphic files for printing. 

You will be notified by email or text message when your pots are fired and ready for pick-up.

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